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Volvo Cars Royal Oak Brings Convenience to its Customers

July, 2020

The Valentine Group is opening a new Volvo location to better serve the growing Calgary region.

The Valentine family knows vehicles, and with the opening of Volvo Cars Royal Oak, the Valentines are bringing quality and safety to their customers now with greater convenience.

As the brand grows in popularity and continues to garner awards, there is a need for a second point of sales and service in the city – simply to keep up with demand. “Volvo stands for safety. The vehicles are designed with safety in mind – it takes precedence over all things,” says Paul Valentine, dealer principle of Valentine Volvo. “We are very proud to stand behind these vehicles because we know that in addition to being beautifully designed and of exceptional quality, they are the safest cars on the road.”

Slated to open during the second week of August, Volvo Cars Royal Oak will deliver the same quality service that Valentine Volvo has become known for. The new location is larger and modernized, with vast interior and exterior space, multiple electric chargers, a sleek Scandinavian interior and expansive hail protection. The architectural design was conceived with customer care and comfort in mind. And who better to expand the Volvo brand in Alberta than the Valentine family?

When Volvo first brought dealerships to Western Canada in the 1960s, they limited the number of locations in each region to ensure business success. Paul’s grandfather and father started selling Volvos in 1967, eventually becoming Calgary’s only authorized Volvo dealer.

Today, Paul is a third-generation owner, keeping the family business thriving during a time when Calgarians have seen their city grow. “We’re here for the long term,” he says. “We want customers to come back time and time again. We try to do whatever we can to keep our customers happy. If they’re happy they’ll keep coming back.”

The Valentine Group has partnered with the Wyant Group to bring Volvo Cars Royal Oak to Calgary. These car-focused families see their businesses as much more than dealerships – they see them as a means by which to give back. The Valentines and Wyants support many not-for-profit organizations, sports teams and service clubs, and do what they can to become meaningful contributors to any communities they work in.

Whether you’re looking to buy a car or have yours serviced by award-winning technicians, Volvo Cars Royal Oak will get you on your way.

Visit Volvo Cars Royal Oak at 7015 112 Ave. N.W. or online at, or give them a call at 587-287-0470.

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